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[Chemical Fiber: The Reform Ach]
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Interview with China Textile Industry Federation Vice President, China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, Duan Xiaoping

2017 is the year when the 19 th National Party Congress won its victory. It is an important year for the implementation of the "13th Five-Year Plan", the deepening year for the structural reform on the supply side, and the "13th Five-Year Development Guidance for Chemical Fiber Industry "The first year of formal promulgation and implementation. This year, the industry actively promoted supply-side reform and achieved some success. This year, an endless stream of high-tech new products in the industry let us witness the infinite possibilities of scientific and technological innovation. This year, the industry brand building to a higher level, More and more enterprises have released their own brand shows; this year, the green development of the industry has come out of a solid road and set an example for the industry.

In 2017, the entire chemical fiber industry maintained its favorable economic performance and became the fastest-growing industry in the textile sub-industry. 2018, whether the development of the industry focus? Where is the direction? End of the year-end, the vice president of China Textile Industry Federation, China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, Duan Xiaoping summarized the industry harvest, but also on the future development of the industry focus on expressing opinions.


Industry supply-side reform has begun to show

Driven by the supply-side structural reforms, the operation of China's chemical fiber industry in 2017 will achieve a steady and good result and lead in quality and efficiency. Chemical fiber industry in the Heng Yi Group, led by leading enterprises, to speed up the elimination of backward and mergers and acquisitions, without increasing the total amount of cases, the industrial concentration further improved; the overall operating rate of the industry as compared with 2015 and 2016 to further enhance, Inventory remained low, the price of raw materials fluctuated upward support of raw material costs, the quality of the industry significantly improved, the substantial increase in efficiency.

From January to October 2017, the output of chemical fiber was 43.09 million tons, an increase of 5.73% over the same period of last year; the import volume was 750,000 tons, up 13.91% over the same period of last year; the export volume was 3.38 million tons, up 2.82% from the same period of last year; the actual investment in fixed assets was 110.2 billion yuan, An increase of 15.54%; main business income of 719.4 billion yuan, an increase of 15.44%; total profit of 36.5 billion yuan, a substantial increase of 48.61%; main business profit margin reached 5.07%, an increase of 1.13 percentage points.

"This shows that the structural adjustment of the chemical fiber industry, the total control has achieved some results. Supply-side reform is China's textile and chemical fiber industry to achieve a stable, good, quality lead the key factors." Duan Xiaoping analysis.

In recent years, chemical fiber industry to speed up the elimination of backward, mergers and acquisitions, industry concentration further improved. "In the past two years, the chemical fiber industry with nearly 4 million tons of capacity M & A and restructuring, the trend will continue in the future, chemical fiber industry will further enhance the industrial concentration, and these remaining enterprises will be more competitive. Four or five chemical fiber enterprises have entered the refining and chemical industry, which means that the chemical fiber industry chain supporting a more complete, the future cost will be lower, product quality will be better. "Duan Xiaoping also pointed out that industrial concentration further improved, chemical fiber enterprises The effective quantity will be further reduced, which is a challenge to the work of the association. Next, the association will focus on expanding services, deepen services and refine services, the development of raw materials, industrial chain-related businesses and chemical fiber companies work side by side.

Chemical fiber industry investment growth since 2011, the overall downward trend, but in 2017 chemical fiber industry investment growth has rebounded, it is understood that in 2017, 2018 polyester filament equipment new orders reached a record high, viscose short Fiber also has a large number of new projects. To this end, Duan Xiaoping pointed out that the rational release of control capacity will continue to be the industry needs to be taken seriously, while increasing M & A efforts to optimize the stock structure, promote innovation and development of the industry, green development, production of marketable products, quality Efficiency.

In addition, in the year of 2017, China Chemical Fiber Industry Association has two corporate standards - "Imitation Cotton Polyester Fiber" (T / CCFA 01006.1 ~ 6-2013) and "Green Procurement Standard for Recycled Chemical Fiber (Polyester) / CCFA 00006-2016) was selected for the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology standard demonstration project. China Chemical Fiber Industry Association since 2011 to carry out group standard work, solidly promote the system improvement, standard revision, promotion and application of standards and other work, as of December 2017, organized a total of 50 standards released associations to meet the chemical fiber The industry urgently needed standards. Among the 50 published association standards, 1 national standard, 5 industry standards, and 4 industry standard programs were included, which greatly facilitated government-led standards and market-led standards-based coordination in the chemical fiber field Supporting, coordinated development.


New high-tech new products

In recent years, China's chemical fiber industry has made great progress in science and technology progress, such as high-tech fiber (including bio-based chemical fiber) production of the most widely covered varieties, high-performance fiber production capacity, potential consumption in the world, some high-tech fiber production And application technology to reach the international advanced level, and meet the national defense industry, aerospace needs, multi-functional, high performance and low cost of conventional fiber in a leading national sequence.

In 2017, a number of high-tech, multi-functional, high-performance and low-cost technologies and products emerged in the industry. The project of "key technology and application of kiloton wet-spinning high-strength / medium-modulus carbon fiber industrialization" completed by Zhongfu Shenying Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd., Donghua University and Jiangsu Yingou Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. won the national scientific and technological progress in 2017 First prize; completed by the Zhejiang University of Science and Technology "outside the tube falling film-type liquid viscosity and viscosity reactor manufacturing and melt spinning of polyester industrial yarn new technology," Jiangsu Aoshen New Materials Co., Ltd. jointly completed Donghua University " Dry spinning of polyimide fiber preparation of key technologies and industrialization, "the two chemical fiber products won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress 2016; Zhejiang Green Environmental Protection Co., Ltd., Ningbo Daihachi Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. and other units to complete the" waste Polyester Victoria efficient high value regeneration and industrialization ", Fujian Zhongjin New Materials Co., Ltd. and Hunan Normal University to complete the" large-capacity nylon 6 polymerization, flexible addition and total recycling of key technologies, "Changshu Xiang Ying Special Fiber Co., Ltd. and Donghua University and other units completed "polyacrylonitrile filament and conductive fiber industrialization of key technologies" and other three chemical fiber products won the 2017 China Textile Federation of Industry Science and Technology Award first prize.

What is more gratifying is the successful listing of the carbon fiber manufacturer Guangwei Complex, which marks a milestone in the high-tech high-tech fiber production in China that has officially gained recognition from the capital market.

Facing the future, Duan Xiaoping pointed out that China's new fiber materials industry needs to pass the "3 + 1" major technologies (new solvent method of cellulose fiber, bio-based synthetic fibers, high-performance fiber high-end production and application of nylon melt spinning technology) Breakthroughs, smart manufacturing, green manufacturing, brand quality and promotion of the path to the development of functional fiber materials and quality improvement, bio-based chemical fiber industry, high-performance fiber industry and the direction of serial development.


Green development, and actively implement the "three-product" strategy

The trend of China's fiber released for 6 consecutive years has led the Chinese fiber industry to achieve all-round improvement in green development, fashion cross-border and international influence, and at the same time, it has made the integration of fiber and fashion, industry and art more closely , Has increasingly demonstrated that fiber can change life and create endless possibilities of fashion.

At the 2017 China International Textile Yarn (Spring / Summer) Exhibition, "Sheng Hong · China Fiber Trends Conference 2017/2018" is closely linked to the theme of "Changing Life by Fibers" and launches "Origin and Vitality" A core concept, divided into "Fibreceous Shu Xin affinity" and "fiber dynamic green pioneer" two chapters, released 20 kinds of fibers.

It is worth mentioning that "China Fiber Trends Release" as an advocate of green fiber lifestyles, has been in practice to promote the popularity of green fibers. Following the first certification of the "Green Fiber" mark in 2016 and opening the door to the "Green Age" in the fiber industry, nine green fiber certification companies were selected in 2017. The issuance of heavyweight awards has played a positive role in promoting the healthy development of the industry and the win-win cooperation.

In addition, in the spring and autumn of 2017 China International Textile Yarn Fair, there are green chemical fiber, Tangshan Sanyou, Hengtian Fiber, 14 chemical fiber brand enterprises to release new products, become Yarn Exhibition stage can not be ignored force .

"The release of China Fiber Trends" not only opens up the precedent for the research on the trend of raw materials, but also complies with the national "supply-side reform" mentality and becomes an important part of guiding brand building and new product development and promotion in the "three-product" strategy of the new era. Duan Ping revealed that in the future, the fiber trends will focus on key new fiber materials projects, green manufacturing engineering, intelligent manufacturing engineering and brand cultivation projects.

"Green development is actually an innovation. It is a kind of innovation under the forcing mechanism. As a source of development of the textile industry chain, the green development process is of great significance to promoting the sustainable development of the textile industry and the society as a whole." Duan Xiaoping It is proposed that recycled chemical fiber, bio-based chemical fiber and liquid coloring chemical fiber are the three major green fibers that should be emphatically developed in the future.

To practice the concept of green development to minimize the impact of regenerated cellulose fiber production and the entire life cycle on the environment, the initiative of Tangshan Sanyou, Sateri and China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, together with China Cotton Textile Industry Association, Shandong Yami, Yibin Silica, Funing Australia, Zhejiang Fulida, Hengtian Hailong, Jilin Chemical Fiber, Xinxiang Chemical Fiber, Shandong Silver Eagle and other industry groups and leading enterprises, reached a consensus on the establishment of renewable green industry alliances cellulose fibers industry consensus.

"The goal of the alliance is to build a universal evaluation standard that can judge whether the enterprises in the industry fulfill the social responsibility of green and sustainable development through the efforts of all the members of the alliance in three years so as to promote the China represented by the industry green development alliance Recycled cellulose fiber industry's energy-saving environmental indicators have reached the international advanced level. "Duan Xiaoping special emphasis on energy-saving environmental indicators to achieve leading, rather than advanced, alliance enterprises should help each other and work together to improve.


Tap more talent for the industry and absorb more capital

The cultivation of compound talents has also been the important work of China Chemical Fiber Industry Association. In the past year, the China Chemical Fiber Industry Association joined forces to carry out the selection of the "Green Chemical Fiber Key Key Award of China Chemical Fiber Industry Association · Green Foundation", the outstanding academic paper of "China Chemical Fiber Industry Association · Heng Yi Fund" and the establishment of "China Chemistry Fiber Industry Association · triple Alliance Huading outstanding fund "to carry out the" Outstanding Engineer Award "," Outstanding Technical Worker Award "selection and other work, recognition and reward in the forefront of science and technology to make outstanding contributions to the units and individuals, mining industry for many Talent.

Since the launch of the national advanced training program for textile compounding talents, the industry enthusiastically participated. High training class invited famous domestic famous professors and industry experts to teach, combined with field visits, in order to create a textile "Whampoa Military Academy", the establishment of the industry chain science and technology exchange club for the purpose of popularizing the basic textile knowledge, interpretation of the industry's latest technology and Development trend, comprehensively enhance the overall strength of textile workers. Since the 3rd issue, the high-class has received a great number of trainees from the textile industry. By 2017, it has trained 113 trainees in the industry.

It is worth mentioning that in 2017, the high-level courses also organized trainees to Japan to carry out short-term training courses of "three studies and two reviews". They visited Toray, Teijin, Tokyo University, Shinshu University, Asahi Kasei Corporation, etc. and studied Japan Advanced chemical fiber production and management technology, so that students benefit.

In 2017, the chemical fiber industry gained some gains in the capital market. In April, "Xin Feng Ming" officially landed on the A-share market and laid the foundation for "Xinfengming" to build a "chemical fiber kingdom." In September, "Guangwei Complex" was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and became the A-share "carbon fiber First unit. " Up to now, chemical fiber industry has dozens of listed companies.

Duan Xiaoping has been affirming and encouraging his attitude toward the listing of enterprises. He believes that public offering (IPO) is a matter that the country's economy will work on and takes for granted in the next three to five years. The IPO of an enterprise is also facing an important Strategic opportunities, good business should seize the opportunity to do a good job listing. At present, China Chemical Fiber Industry Association together with the China Textile Asset Management Co., Ltd. jointly identified "2017 ~ 2018 chemical fiber industry focus on cultivating 10 preparatory listed companies," which industry and capital markets, the integration of business development to expand the space far-reaching significance.

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