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Lowering the cost of launching the "first shot" tax cuts will continue to bear the cost reduction this year

A new round of tax cuts "already on the road"

Experts predict that this year will not reduce the intensity of manufacturing tax cuts will become the focus

In the supply-side structural reforms continue to promote the depth of this year, tax cuts will undoubtedly continue to be "cost reduction" an important part. From the central government to local governments, a new round of tax cuts and specific measures has been brewing. Recently, the Ministry of Finance, the National Development and Reform Commission and other four departments jointly issued a notice on suspension of sewage charges and other administrative charges, and set off the tax cuts for this year's "first shot." At the same time, Shaanxi and other places have also begun to brew a new round of measures to reduce the tax burden on enterprises. Among them, the real economy, especially the technologically advanced manufacturing enterprises, has become the focus of tax cuts. Industry experts predict that this year's tax cut will bear the promise of "lowering costs", and the overall intensity will not be reduced compared to last year. The company is located in:

Manufacturing must see! A new round of tax cuts "already on the road"

Tax cuts this year started the "first shot"

Recently, the Ministry of Finance, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the State Oceanic Administration jointly issued the "Notice on Relevant Matters Concerning the Suspension of Administrative Charges such as Sewage Discharge Fee," saying that from January 1, 2018 onwards, a nationwide stop-gap Sewage charges and marine engineering sewage charges. This year, tax cuts in China have started the "first shot." The company is located in:

Manufacturing must see! A new round of tax cuts "already on the road"

A new round of tax reduction and fee reduction at the local level has also begun to study the deployment start-up related policies to continue to reduce the burden on enterprises.

For example, Shaanxi Province recently issued "Opinions on Some Financial and Tax Measures to Support the Development of the Real Economy." According to the introduction of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Finance, among the 30 policies promulgated here, concrete support policies have been put forward in lowering the tax burden and supporting multi-channel financing. The policy has been continuously implemented for 3 years and the burden on enterprises has been reduced.

In addition, in Shanghai, the statistics show that the non-tax revenue share in the general public budget revenue in Shanghai has dropped from 12% in 2015 to 11.5% in 2017 after a continuous clean-up standard, which is 10 below the national average of 3 for 3 consecutive years Above the percentage point. Shanghai also set forth the expected target of further reducing the proportion of non-tax revenue to the general public budget revenue by the single digits by 2020.

It is learned that in 2017, Guangdong Province has totally reduced its corporate toll by more than 260 billion yuan. In 2018, it will continue to increase its efforts to support the establishment of a modern economic system, study new cost reduction measures, vigorously reduce the cost of real economy enterprises and support the optimization and upgrading of manufacturing industries.

The National Financial Work Conference made it clear that this year, it is necessary to continue to implement the policy of tax reduction and fee reduction to further reduce the burden on enterprises, improve the dynamic management mechanism for fee-based fund projects and investigate and report complaints mechanisms for arbitrary charges, so as to prevent charges from rebounding.

The National Taxation Work Conference also pointed out that all tax reduction policies should be implemented this year. Tax departments to implement the tax relief policy must not make a small discount. Through the release of tax policy dividends, to further promote entrepreneurship and innovation, nurture and develop new impetus to better stimulate the market vitality and social creativity. The company is located in:

Manufacturing must see! A new round of tax cuts "already on the road"

Last year, tax cuts will exceed trillion yuan

Counting on the economic performance of last year, the tax reduction and fee reduction all contributed to alleviating the burden on enterprises and enhancing their vitality and steadily increasing their economic growth. According to statistics, in 2017, China has implemented and perfected the pilot program of camp reforms and increased taxes, introduced such measures as deregulation and VAT rates, and further cleaned up normative government funds and fees charged by enterprises. The annual burden reduction for enterprises will exceed one trillion yuan.

Over the past five years, China's tax reform has accumulated a tax reduction of nearly 2 trillion yuan. The tax burden on all industries since the pilot was fully liberalized has only been reduced. In addition, the abolition, exemption, suspension and reduction of 1368 government funds and administrative fees, involving a reduction of 369 billion yuan.

Local level tax reduction fee transcripts have also been released. For example, Shanghai's financial department recently released data show that in 2017 the city's new tax cuts will reach 50.5 billion yuan. For example, in terms of operating VAT reform, thanks to the pilot's proactive effect, it is estimated that the annual tax reduction scale will reach 115 billion yuan and a new tax reduction of 31 billion yuan over the previous year. Coupled with the implementation of policies such as simplifying the VAT rate and expanding the preferential range of income tax for small and micro enterprises, the total new tax reduction scale reached 33 billion yuan.

Manufacturing costs will become the key point

The industry pointed out that it is estimated that the focus of this year's tax cuts will remain on the real economy. In particular, the advanced manufacturing industry is expected to receive major tax cuts. It will also be a priority to further clean up unreasonable fees and charges and to improve related systems so as to prevent the rebound of fee items.

Manufacturing must see! A new round of tax cuts "already on the road"

The reporter learned from the State Administration of Taxation that in addition to implementing various tax reduction policies, the tax department will continue to optimize the tax business environment and further promote the reform of "running and serving" in the tax field. Specifically, it will vigorously deepen the reform of the collection and administration system and continue to implement 30 measures to optimize the taxation environment so as to earnestly and properly optimize all aspects of the taxation business environment. For the fifth year in a row, the "Convenient Tax-Exempt Spring Campaign" was carried out to further promote facilitation of tax collection, compilation of "up-to-date" list of tax-related matters and "online on-line" list, continue to clean up the tax-related information required by taxpayers, We will upgrade and upgrade the online tax service hall to further strengthen the cooperation between state taxation and government taxation.

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