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[From April 1 New Regulations o]
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A few days ago, the reporter learned from the inspection and quarantine bureau of Ninghai that the latest STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX product certification testing standards issued by Oeko-Tex, the three-month transition period is coming to an end, April 1, 2018. Effective from date of arrival. The new version of the 2018 edition has updated the original product certification testing standards and limit value requirements.

It is understood that the latest STANDARD100byOEKO-TEX product testing standards have added new substances to the “Other Residue Chemicals” project, with stricter limit value requirements. For example, bisphenol A, aromatic amine aniline and limit value standards have been added to other chemical residues; Quinoline and phenol will be "monitored"; pentyl and heptylphenol will be included in the "residual surfactant wetting agent" project, and the limit values ​​for alkylphenols and alkylphenol ethoxylates will remain unchanged. At the same time, the new standard has also increased the detection of azo dyes and the identification of genetically modified (GMO) components in organic cotton products, and has significantly tightened the SCCP and OPP limits. Water fastness in product grade I (fabric used by infants and children under 3 years of age) requires an increase from the previous "Level 3" to "Level 3-4."

The company STANDARD100byOEKO-TEX certification for exporting textile and garment products can simplify and accelerate the process of providing customers with certification procedures for the health of their textiles and quickly increase the competitiveness of their products. In view of the active role of Oeko-Tex standard certification in providing product eco-safety guarantees and satisfying consumers' healthy living needs, although this certification still belongs to the voluntary certification system, many large-scale buyers in Europe and North America currently purchase Oeko-Tex standard as a product. Based on the technical basis, the eco-textile market with Oeko-Tex certification has obvious advantages. Through the Oeko-Tex standard certification, it can effectively avoid trade barriers in countries such as the EU and North America, and help China manufacturing to successfully land in high-end markets in Europe and America.

Today, people are increasingly aware of environmental issues in their daily lives. Among them, attention has been paid to the safety of textiles and environmental protection, environmental protection textile certification and other work have continued to heat up, but Oeko-Tex standards have been frequently updated, certification is difficult, and certification costs are high. Higher issues.

According to the staff of Ninghai Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, in addition to clothing products, the products used in the textile fabrics in our county are wider in scope, such as shower curtain tents, sports wand buckles, children's leisure products, etc. Some companies reflect annual flowers. The cost of Oeko-Tex testing and certification exceeds RMB 100,000. After the standard is updated every year, it must be retested. If it fails to pass the test, it must select qualified raw material suppliers and replace the process recipes.

To this end, the inspection and quarantine authorities reminded relevant companies to successfully pass Oeko-Tex testing and certification into the markets of developed countries, need to raise awareness of textile safety, and timely pay attention to understanding the new standards that Oeko-Tex updated every year, self-inspecting the production raw material supply chain and Process control, the establishment of a sound product quality standards, strengthen product ecological security and quality checks, to avoid losses due to technical barriers to produce; at the same time actively participate in a variety of standard certification to gain access to the international market, increase product added value and technical content.

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